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Inserting and Cutting machines

For more than 45 years Müller Apparatebau developes and produces innovative solutions for modern document processing. Output for invoices and extensive documentation, complex direct advertisement mailings, intelligent insertings of mixed mail in standard or large size out of roll printers. Together with you we develop the ideal solution for your needs. Thanks to the flexible modular design the system is fully adaptable at any time if your needs will change.



Events 2014

Visit us at our exhibition "Müller OpenHouse" in Kranzberg (Germany) on 19th September 2014. We will be very pleased to welcome you.


The perfect inserting machine and cutting machine for inserting, folding, cutting, and everything else for document and continuous processing

With an inserting machine, cutting machine, or additional modules from our system for document and continuous processing, you are making a good choice. Built using a modular design, we always offer you a solution which is matched perfectly to your inserting, folding, cutting, stacking, stitching, sorting, etc. requirements.

This provides you with a future-oriented output factory which is far ahead of conventional inserting or cutting machines. Whether you are stitching, folding, inserting, or cutting: Our modular system can be adapted flexibly to your requirements and performs every step in your document or continuous processing setup reliably and efficiently.


Document Logistics Systems

Inserting and cutting machines with state of the art technology

Every inserting machine is designed for one or more DIN formats and features modular expansion options, such as enclosure feeders. The combi inserting machine can insert two different envelope formats simultaneously. Depending on the implementation, the inserting machines can be used for individual sheet or continuous sheet processing and offer an output of up to 15,000 cycles/hour. Existing systems can easily be expanded with additional components.

For the cutting machines, you can choose between a single cutting machine or a complete cutting system. Numerous modules can also be added here as needed. Cutting of both single sheets and continuous processing are supported. By now our customer-specific solutions encompass around 100 different modules which can be combined with one another at will, from endless processing in 2-up to inserting with additional plastic card processing. Ask us about the right inserting and/or cutting machine to meet your needs!